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More Kitchen Cabinet Painting Tricks To Learn In Scappoose, OR

More Kitchen Cabinet Painting Tricks To Learn In Scappoose, OR

In the past we have discussed the subject of kitchen cabinet painting in an article titled 7 Kitchen Cabinet Painting Tips You Need in St. Helens, OR and though we got some good tips reviewed there, there is room for additional advice on this very subject.

It's important to know what you are doing when you are painting your kitchen cabinets, as making the time to properly paint them can radically change dull and faded kitchen cabinets into proper looking and perhaps even new looking ones with just a bit of work on your part and some good quality tools and paint and primer.

Let's have a look at some more kitchen cabinet painting tricks to learn when you want to have well painted kitchen cabinets.

1. Removing The Hardware Before You Paint

One thing that you're going to want to do when you're looking to paint your kitchen cabinets well is to make sure that you properly remove the hardware.

Though it may seem to be a bit of an annoyance ot have to remove the hardware, it fundamentally is an important part of the painting process as you will save a lot of time by not having the hardware in the way for you to be painting.

Additionally, by not having the hardware there you entirely avoid the possibility of getting paint on the hardware itself.

2. Labeling The Doors And Drawers Your Remove

When you remove the doors and drawers that you are going to be painting (that is to say, all of them most likely to keep the cabinets uniform) you might wonder if you can just put them back in any place they fit rather than where you got them from.

While in theory this could well work out, it's also possible that you are going to benefit much more from having your doors and drawers go back to the same place from where you remove them -- meaning that you should have some system for keeping track of which door and drawer goes where.

Making some sort of chart by which you can clearly see which door and drawer will go where will help you to understand that you are going to be putting the same doors and drawers back in the places where you need to put them.

3. Cleaning After Sanding

Though you might already know that it's quite important to sand the surfaces of the cabinets that you are going to be painting, you may not realize the extent to which you are going to have to clean up after sanding.

The process of sanding a surface generates a good amount of sanding dust, which has to be removed fully from the painting area before you continue with your painting process.

The presence of sanding dust in the paint as you are working around the cabinets is one that cannot be avoided if you have not removed it, and it makes for a rather unpleasant look and so it is quite important to remove it properly.

4. Be Careful With Color Choice

There are of course quite a number of paint colors from which you are going to be able to choose, but that doesn't mean that all of them are going to be appropriate for your home kitchen cabinet painting project.

The most important thing is for you to be happy with your kitchen cabinet after you've finished painting it so you have to be the one to make the right decision for you but if you have time to look around the room you can likely realize what is going to contrast well with the colors in the rest of the room.

It may well benefit you to make use of color samples, which will help you to see how the colors are going to look on your cabinet in different lighting conditions so that you can then make a good choice on what color will look best on your cabinet -- or colors if you decide to go with more than one color.

If we can help in any way with your painting in St. Helens, OR and beyond, feel free to contact us at CHSPainting, we are always ready to help!

Please contact us at CHS Painting.

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