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Cost to paint a front door

The front door on your home is normally one of the first things seen from the street and can add instant value and nice contrasting colors to your home for a small price

Our process for painting your front door as follows

#1 Take off Hardware and weather strip

#2 Clean door off to get rid of old grease and dirt marks

#3 Scuff sand and repair as needed

#4 Mask off jamb, hinges and around door

#5 Spray light first coat with a fine finish sprayer

#6 Let dry, light sand if needed then spray second finish coat

#7 Let dry, put hardware back on, take off masking and clean up

Things that may increase price

Damaged doors that need extra work

If door needs to be primed first

Want jambs painted also

Have side lights

Color Red as above generally needs a tinted primer coat to make red color cover correctly

Glass in doors that need to be masked

Costs for already painted door to re paint different color

Typical door panel as above with labor and material around $375.00

Side Lights approx $55.00 each

Cost for a stained door to be painted, includes, sanding, filling defects, prime, sand again and 2 coats finish. $450.00 to $550.00

Cost to re stain and clear coat your door. Sand back to bare wood, re stain 2 coats clear sprayed. $650.00 and up

This is an average price for a standard painted door cleaned up and re painted

As always if we can help answer any questions or you need help painting your door please contact us at CHS Painting

Office. 503-543-4875



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