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In addition to our Residential/House Painting Services, we also work for various Commercial clients within Oregon! Your company deserves to show it's best side to customers, so let us help!


We approach any job big or small with the same sort of professionalism and sharp focus we've provided to our Residential clients for years!


Let us bring a new face to your business! 


All of our Team Members are put through rigorous testing and schooling to ensure that you we have a team of experts that will show you the care and respect your business deserves.



Whenever CHS Painting finishes a job, we guarantee that the quality of the work will outlast and outshine all others. Please ask us for details!

The Custom Home Services FOUR STEP Process


We guarantee a professional job every time through our proven 4 step process of 

PreparationPainting, Cleaning/Restoration & Inspection.

What exactly is involved in the CHS FOUR STEP Process?




  • Before we arrive on site, we must first determine your needs through phone conversations and a FREE on-site evaluation.


  • We work with the client to decide when would be the best date and time for a visit on-site so we can evaluate your project and look for any possible issues that may arise.


  • From there, we send a written proposal within 24 hours of visit, detailing all services to be provided  per PDCA guidelines to ensure clear communication between CHS and the client. When the proposal is accepted, we set a calendar date.


To confirm services, we place a call one week prior to agreed upon job date the phone number on file. Should we need to reschedule, we urge you to contact us at your earliest convenience.


  • Upon our arrival on-site the date of the project, we go over the details once more with the business owner to ensure we have addressed all concerns.




  • All furniture, items, and floors are covered with clean drop cloths. Walls and ceilings are inspected for cracks, filled, and sanded. All baseboards, windows, and frames are professionally taped to ensure that paint only lands where you want it!


  • This includes meticulous prep work like post-inspection, sanding, scraping, priming, caulking all joints before applying no less than two coats of quality paint.  It is what you don't see that makes the difference on a long-lasting quality paint job!


Cleaning and Restoration:


  • Rooms are returned to their pre-painted state. This includes the moving of any furniture. Tape is removed, Paint fumes are removed. All debris is removed.  


It will be as if we we were never there - leaving you with beautiful clean surroundings!




  • Post-painting inspection of work, including a final walk-through to ensure that we've hit every nook and cranny.


  • Customer satisfaction is Custom Home Services number one priority and it is what drives our business, so if there are any issues, we want to address them quickly and efficiently!


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