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5 Tips For Choosing The Right Interior Paint in Scappoose, OR

5 Tips For Choosing The Right Interior Paint in Scappoose, OR

If you're looking to paint the interior of your home, you may be well aware that you're going to have to choose the kind of paint that is meant for painting home interiors -- as the paint that is meant exclusively for home exteriors will not be as good for your living room, for example.

The important thing for you to know is that there are numerous paths that you can take in choosing interior paint - there is more than just interior versus exterior paint.

With that being the case, let's look at five tips for choosing the right interior paint in Scappoose, OR

1.Latex Versus Oil

The first thing you're going to need to decide when you are painting the interior of your home in any given room is whether you're going to want to use latex or oil paint.

This is going to be one of the easier to make decisions that you'll encounter in the choice of your interior paint -- if you are looking to paint a metal surface, it is almost always recommended that you use an oil-based paint.

If on the other hand, you are painting just about any other interior surface, it will be better to use latex paint.

Oil-based paints have a number of issues that make it less desirable including that they take a lot longer to dry (up to a full day -- and if you are applying two coats of paint that will make for two full days of nothing but just waiting for paint to dry) as well as the fact that the emissions from oil-based paint are significantly stronger.

Latex paint is easier to apply, takes less time to dry, and can be found with lower emissions -- but is not generally recommended for a metal surface.

2. Sheen

The sheen of the paint that you're going to use plays greatly into your paint job.

There are a number of sheens that you can choose from when picking out paint, ranging from flat paint to glossy paint -- and each of these has its own use.

A flat kind of paint, for example, has its benefits in that it can be really good in terms of covering surface flaws -- it will take a lot less correction of surface issues, and yet it also has some downsides.

Specifically, it is significantly more difficult to clean -- if you're looking for a paint that is easier to clean (if for example, you are painting a higher traffic area) you want a paint that is higher in gloss.

When you're thinking about what gloss to pick you need to think about the balance between these two issues and you may end up going with a paint that is somewhere in between.

3. Can It Be Tinted

A fairly substantial thing you may want to know about before you pick out a particular paint is whether that paint will be receptive to being tinted.

The reason that this is important is that if you set yourself on paint and then find out that you cannot get it tinted, it would be quite disappointing.

It is better to know in advance if the paint you are considering can be tinted.

4. Does It Have High VOC

A fairly simple question that you can find out the answer to is if the paint you are considering is of the sort that emits VOCs, or volatile organic compounds.

If possible, you may want to look at getting paint that is low in emitting these, possibly none if you can find such a paint -- and the difference between the paints is that the lower the emission, the better it is for the environment and your health as well.

Of course, it's also entirely possible that the particular paint that you want is not available in low or no-VOC, and if that is the case you will have to make the hard decision if it's worth it to you to stay with that paint.

5. Does It Need To Be Water Resistant

The last thing we will discuss is whether or not the paint you are going to be using will be water resistant -- as well as mildew and mold resistant.

These kinds of paints are going to be most useful when you are looking to paint rooms where you will see a higher level of moisture in the air -- rooms such as the kitchen and the bathroom.

If we can help in any way with your painting in St. Helens, OR and beyond, feel free to contact us at CHSPainting, we are always ready to help!

Please contact us at CHS Painting.

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