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7 Tricks To Timely Exterior Painting in Scappoose, OR

7 Tricks To Timely Exterior Painting in Scappoose, OR

There are few things that are as time consuming as painting the exterior of your home -- this is understandable as you are painting not just one room but the entire exterior of your home, which takes up many square feet.

Additionally, just the fact that you are painting outdoors means that you are going to have a painting project that is necessarily going to take more time.

With that being the case, here are seven tricks to timely exterior painting in Scappoose, OR

1. Planning The Project In Advance

One of the big mistakes that people make when they are painting the exterior of their home is in not planning it out in advance.

The problem with this is that they think that they know about how many gallons of paint they will need as well as the different materials that they will use for protection and the equipment and the like and that they can just do this all off the cuff, and they are just wrong.

The issue will almost always come up as measurements are not taken and so it is not clear how much paint is going to be needed, and so too much or too little is purchased.

With too little paint purchased you have to then stop the painting process and go out and get more and this can cause significant delays as you're not guaranteed to find the paint that you want when you want it.

2. Consider An Extra Wide Roller

There are many pieces of equipment that are going to be useful for painting the exterior of your home and if your home exterior has many flat surfaces, paint rollers are among the best.

Of course, you may not realize it but having wider paint rollers will get the job done that much faster without sacrificing quality.

There are extra wide paint rollers that can do even better, and you don't have to worry about the possibility of your doing a poor job by using them particularly if you get one of a higher quality.

3. Power Wash To Prepare Faster

There are going to be many ways that you will find it possible to clean the exterior of your home -- and clean you must before you paint, for you don't want to paint a home exterior that is dirty.

Taking the investment to power wash your home is going to be one that pays great dividends, for the power washer is one that makes your home exterior much cleaner and in a lot less time.

Make sure to spend the extra money on a power washer if you want to save time in painting your home exterior.

4. Keep The Same Color

Another interesting way that you can expedite the painting process is to use the same or similar color to the one that was already there.

Though this might seem a little less obvious, it is actually a lot more difficult to change colors radically than it is to stick to the same kind of color that was already there.

Better to keep to the same color if you really have time as a factor for your exterior paintwork.

5. Go For Lint Free Paint Roller Covers

There are some things that really delay the painting process, and then there is lint that finds its way into your paint -- a major thing in the taking of your time.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to purchase lint free paint roller covers and spare yourself the headache of having to get the lint off of the paint.

6. Paint Pails Over Paint Trays

As great as paint trays are for holding paint, they can also be a lot more time consuming than using standard paint pails.

Additionally, it is a lot easier to use a bit of plastic to protect your paint pails from the paint itself and thus not have to spend the time to clean the pails.

7. Check The Weather First

Lastly, it's a really good idea to check the weather before you start painting -- if it's too hot outside, you're going to want to skip painting because it is going to make the paint dry way too fast and it will end up wrecking the paintwork.

If it is going to rain, you're also not going to want to get the brushes out because moisture mixed in with your paintwork will not be good in the long run.

If we can help in any way, feel free to contact us at CHS Painting, we are always ready to help!

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