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Replacing a Rotted Wood Window Sill

If you have wood windows and do not keep up with the painting and caulking, then there is a good chance you may end up with some rotted sills on your windows

If you find some rot a lot of times you can fix without buying a whole new window

Here is how we do it

After relpacing rotted sill
Before rotted sill

Before Rotted Window Sill After Replaced with new Sill

If the rot is just in small areas, you can take your time and dig out rotted portion down to solid wood, then get a 2 part wood epoxy and mix and press into hole as tight as possible. Blade this out smooth with putty knife let dry, sand smooth, prime and paint. Good to go

If your sill looks like one above, we had to replace this. This takes a bit more work But if you have a few Handy Man skills and tools you can also do this

Tools needed

#1 Reciprocating Saw

#2 Multi-Tool

#3 Pry bar

#4 Caulking

#5 Foam Sealant

Sill will be attached to interior trim, so being careful cut straight down on edge of sill to separate from interior trim, I used multi tool and noted where nails were and came back with reciprocating saw to cut out nails

Then cut caulk lines around window jamb and bottom of sill

Use reciprocating saw and cut thru sill approx 8" out from edge of window jamb on each side. Now you can pry middle section of sill out. Then being careful pry both ends out

Use a piece of sill to duplicate size on new piece of wood for sill . Cut out new piece and slide in to be sure it fits well, then prime

Once you know it fits and is primed and dry, spray in some foam to fill cavity and slide in sill, foam will help push into place. Put a few finish nails in as needed, re caulk, and paint.

If you have any questions or need help , please give us a call at and we will be glad to help in any way we can

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