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Tips for Painting Your Front Door in Scappoose, OR

Tips for Painting Your Front Door in Scappoose, OR

The front door of your home is often one of the most carefully scrutinized and analyzed parts of your house as people will sometimes spend a few minutes looking at it as they want someone to answer it.

Though you may not think of a front door as something that necessarily needs to be painted in such a special manner, if you want to give it a distinct look it helps to give thought to the process of painting it.

With that being the case, let's look at some tips for painting your front door that will make it look nice.

1. Use The Right Kind Of Paint

There are a lot of paints that you could use for painting your front door, but not all of them are going to be appropriate given where the door is and the kinds of effects that the changing weather will invariably have on said door.

You will of course need to make use of exterior paint -- but the kind of exterior paint specifically needed will vary depending on the weather that you can expect in your area.

Cold weather and even rainy weather is going to want a different sort of paint than if your area is the sort that gets hot for long spells at a time and does not get much rain at all.

2. Choose An Appropriate Color

The first thought that a person may have when they are looking to paint their front door and choosing a color is that the color is going to have to be similar or the same as the color of the rest of the house.

This does not have to be the case at all, however, as the color of your door could be quite different from the colors o the rest of your house.

You could have a front door that contrasts with your house, for example, which could make for a pleasant experience for people who visit your house.

3. Be Mindful Of The Weather

In the process of painting your front door, you're going to have to be quite careful about the weather on the days that you are going to be painting.

Since you are painting an exterior surface, this is an important thing and you aren't going to want to, for example, paint on a day that is too hot or too cold -- ideally you'll have a bit of an overcast day so that your paint doesn't dry too quickly.

You'll also want to be mindful that you don't paint when it's raining or there's rain in the forecast as this will not be quite useful for a front door painting project.

4. Clean Before You Paint

You should be certain that when you are getting ready to paint your front door that you do not just paint it as is without making the time to clean it first.

Though you might want to think that painting over the surface of the door will be enough to cover any dust or dirt, this is just not the case and you'll have a dirty door that has paint over it which is not a pleasant look.

The better thing for you to do is to make sure that you carefully clean your door and allow it to fully dry before moving onto the next step in the painting process.

5. Protect The Area Near Where You Paint

Lastly, remember that you should protect the area near where you are going to be painting so that you don't get paint everywhere as you paint.

You only want paint on the door, not the area near the door.

If we can help in any way with your painting in St. Helens, OR and beyond, feel free to contact us at CHSPainting, we are always ready to help! Please contact us at CHS Painting. Office. 503-543-4875 Web. Related: How to help prevent exterior paint from fading5 Tips For Choosing The Right Interior Paint in Scappoose, OR


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