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7 Living Room Colors To Consider For Scappoose, OR

7 Living Room Colors To Consider For Scappoose, OR

When you are looking at how you can possibly improve the look of one of your interior rooms, you may think about how decorating would be good, or getting new furniture.

Painting the walls, however, is sometimes not one of the first things people think about and that is because of how much time and effort goes into this sort of painting project - as well as having to think about choosing an appropriate color for the walls.

With a bit of guidance on your side, you can have well-painted living room walls, and you will be able to appreciate the time you spend there just a bit more.

Let's look at seven living room colors to consider for Scappoose, OR

1. Forest Green

One-color that you may enjoy seeing in your living room is that of forest green.

When seeing the forest color in your living room, you might be transported to the forest itself, which may well be quite a pleasant experience especially if you are fond of nature.

This is certainly an improvement over if you were to use a less pleasant green for your living room, such as the kind of green that you might expect to see in a disco unless of course, you are a fan of this kind of thing.

2. Purple

Another excellent color that you might want to consider for your living room is purple, one of the more regal colors as it were for your living room.

The good thing that you may not realize is that there are so many shades of purple that you can appreciate in terms of having as a color on your living room wall.

If you are wondering what kind of colors will work well with purple, wonder no further as you can get purple to work fairly well with yellow and black.

3. Yellow

Speaking of yellow, would you think about making use of the color yellow for your living room?

You may be thinking that this would be a really bad idea and that yellow would be too bright of a color for your living room walls but this is not necessarily the case.

There are plenty of shades of yellow that are pleasant and relaxing and don't have to look like you are looking at someone's overly highlighted book.

4. Blue

If you really want to get a color that is going to be reminiscent of nature, you should go no further than the color blue.

The color blue is hearkened to the things in nature that people love so much like the sea and even a tranquil lake, perhaps even a cloudless sky.

In your living room, you can certainly appreciate having blue walls that go with a little black trim if you like that kind of thing.

5. Beige

Though some people would think of beige as a more neutral color, the truth is that there is some color to be had when you use beige, even though it's not so glamorous as it were.

So if you are looking to add just a bit of color to the living room but you don't want to overwhelm the room with too much brightness, beige might be just the right color for you.

6. Gray

Though there are quite a few shades of gray, certainly more than a popular book series would suggest, you can choose a couple of shades to add a little life to your living room walls.

The nice thing about adding gray to your living room walls is that you can make the room stand out from the other rooms in the house without going over the top and making it be too different from an adjacent room that may have just plain so to speak or ordinary white walls.

7. Light Red

Lastly, think about making use of a lighter shade of red for your living room walls.

Red is nice but if you go too bright with your red you are just likely going to be adding too much energy and excitement and that might not be the right tone for a room like the living room.

If we can help in any way with your painting in St. Helens, OR and beyond, feel free to contact us at CHSPainting, we are always ready to help!

Please contact us at CHS Painting.

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