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Budget Wooden Fence Painting in St. Helens, OR

Budget Wooden Fence Painting in St. Helens, OR

There are few things that people see on the outside of your home that can look quite as magnificent as your wooden fence -- and to some extent, if you can paint it nicely, it can look even nicer.

You'll find that when you make the time to paint your fence, it can look so much better but if you find yourself faced with budget restrictions, this might be more difficult.

However, there are things you should be able to do to help you with your exterior painting project that will help bring down the overall cost

Let's look at some tips for budget wooden fence painting that will help you paint better

1. Look For Sales

One important thing that you're going to be able to do when you're looking to save money on your wooden fence painting project is to do your best to get the paint, primer, and equipment that you'll be using when it is on sale if possible.

Though to some extent paint and equipment don't go on sale the same way that other things tend to do in seasons, it does happen and it is worth looking out for it and perhaps not rushing to start a painting project unless absolutely necessary.

By planning out your painting project in advance you can take advantage of a sale, such as if the paint goes on sale for the fourth of July holiday weekend, and you will save money on your painting project.

2. Paint More Slowly

Another thing that's going to help you get down the cost of your fence painting project is actually going to be painting more slowly.

Though this might not seem to make too much sense, you have to bear in mind that in any given painting project, one of the biggest costs outside of the equipment (which you may already own) is the primer and the paint.

If you can get ahold of controlling how much of these you use and limit it to the absolute necessary amounts, you will be doing better for yourself.

Therefore, a couple of things will be tremendously helpful will be first measuring the fence before you start the painting process - doing so will give you an idea of how much surface there will be to get a coat of primer and one or two coats of paint.

3. Apply Primer Before You Paint

As mentioned above, a good coat of primer is going to be not just a strongly suggested thing but an absolute necessity when you are looking to paint your wooden fence, but the reasons why actually include bringing down the cost of your painting project.

To a certain extent, it's a good idea to apply a coat of primer because it makes the application of paint easier -- it makes for a smoother surface and this gets it to be easier to apply a coat of paint.

A secondary benefit of applying a coat of primer, however, is that you will see that the paint that you apply will adhere better to the surface being painted and will stay on longer.

One aspect of painting is that you generally only have to paint when your previous painting work is starting to peel or fade or the like -- or when you want to change up the look color-wise.

By making sure that you apply a coat of primer, you will extend the life of the paint job and make sure that it will be a lot longer until it is necessary to paint once again.

If we can help in any way with your painting in Scappoose, OR, and beyond, feel free to contact us at CHSPainting, we are always ready to help! Please contact us at CHS Painting. Office. 503-543-4875 Web.


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