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7 Bathroom Painting Mistakes That Could Be Costly in Scappoose, OR

7 Bathroom Painting Mistakes That Could Be Costly in Scappoose, OR

When you think of all of the rooms of your home, you don't really have any rooms that are quite like the bathroom in terms of use -- it's a room that will be certainly used regularly!

In looking to improve the room, you may wish to think about how painting the walls could make the difference between a good looking bathroom and one that looks like it could use a bit of improvement.

Of course, if you make certain mistakes you will find that the painting project will not only possibly go a bit poorly, but it could even cost significantly more than it should -- and maybe take longer than it needs to take.

Let's now look at and consider seven bathroom painting mistakes that could be costly in Scappoose, OR.

1. Painting With No Plan

One mistake that people can make when they're painting their bathroom is when they just sort of jump into the project with no planning whatsoever - and while it may not really seem like that big of a deal, we will now explain why it is.

When you're planning on painting your bathroom, you do things like measuring out your walls so you can determine what there is to be painted -- and you can figure out based on that how much paint you're going to need as well as to make a schedule for your painting.

By painting with no plan you will surely still get the painting project done but it will likely take longer as you will not know how much paint you will need (and so may run out) and your timing may be all wrong with regards to allowing surfaces to dry... leading you to have a lot more time waiting for the surfaces to dry at the least convenient times.

2. Not Cleaning Before You Paint

A problem that people tend to have when they're painting a room is that they will look at the walls and say to themselves that all they have to do is to paint and by doing so they will make the room look nicer.

They will do this regardless of whether the room is messy or even if there can be found dust and grime on the surfaces that will be painted.

By not cleaning the surfaces that you're going to paint, what you're going to end up with is a room that looks like you took paint and put it on top of dust... and that's not the look that you're ever going to want for your bathroom.

3. Not Sanding

Among the keys to a well painted room is having a smooth surface upon which to put the primer and then the paint.

Before applying a good coat of primer (which is in itself a way to help your surface be smooth) you're going to want to sand the surface -- and we're not talking about a rough sanding that will be tearing off layers of the surface, mind you.

Rather, this is more the kind of gentle surface sanding that will help get the surface to be a bit smoother -- and the sanding is not limited to only the first surface.

Rather, you're even going to be able to sand after you apply a coat of primer (and allow time for the primer to dry) though this too is also going to be a very gentle sanding, just enough to get the surface smooth.

4. Not Cleaning After Sanding

As great as it is to sand surfaces while you are in the process of painting your bathroom, you should be aware that there are consequences that come with any sanding in the form of sanding dust.

If you pay the sanding dust no mind after you have finished the sanding process you will likely find that this very same dust will be found on the newly painted surface -- and that's not exactly something that you want to find on your walls.

The better thing to do is clean the sanding dust off the surfaces before you continue your painting project.

5. Ignoring Mold

In painting your bathroom, you may be aware that there's a possibility that you have some mold present, and if you do, you're going to have to ignore the urge to overlook it, thinking that you will just be able to paint over mold and nobody will be the wiser.

This will absolutely not be the case, however -- you will have walls that look like they have mold covered in paint... and you can just imagine how poor this will look.

6. Not Protecting Against Future Mold

Now that you've made sure that you've gotten rid of the bathroom mold, you're going to want to take care to ensure that you spend as little time as possible having to clean up the future mold.

There are a number of ways that you can do this but if you do none of them, you will be more likely to get mold on the walls.

One is that you should make sure that you try to use paint that is moisture resistant -- for it is having moisture resistance that will help you avoid getting mold in the first place.

Another thing you might want to consider is seeing how you can reduce the moisture in the air such as proper ventilation -- a good fan will help with this.

7. Not Protecting The Floor

If you think that you can just be careful and avoid dripping or spilling paint on the floor, you are likely mistaken and will end up having to clean paint off of the floor or other areas where you spill paint.

It's a lot easier to prevent the mess from happening by using a good drop cloth or tarp and other things that can protect other surfaces.

If we can help in any way with your painting in St. Helens, OR and beyond, feel free to contact us at CHSPainting, we are always ready to help!

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