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What to do with that old paint!

Most people end up accumulating half empty paint cans over the years from all their painting projects. Well here is what to do with them when you get around to cleaning out the garage.

#1 If you have some paint you want to keep for touch up and it is still good, invest in a few new quart cans, stir up old paint and pour into your quart cans, put a dab of color on top and mark where it goes. These take up less space and since the quart can will have less air space the

paint will last longer.

Only keep what you think you may need.

#2 Disposal of Paint. Latex paint can be disposed of in garbage if done correctly. If only a small amount left in can, inch or less, you can take off top set out and let dry. If half a can or so, you can pour in an equal amount of cat litter to can, stir and let sit until it hardens and put in garbage can.

#3. Always check to be sure it is latex paint. You can check by seeing if it says water clean up. If so you can dry out and throw away.

#4 There are many paint recycling centers also that you can bring your old cans to or ask your

local paint store for a location.

#5 If it is an Oil base paint, these are considered Hazardous waste and must be brought to a proper recycling center.

#6 If you have quite a bit you may consider donating to Habitat for Humanity as they may be interested.

Hope this helps when you get around to cleaning out those shelves.

As always, if anything CHS Painting can do to help, just let us know.

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