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Painting Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding has been a popular siding over the years for being easy on the budget and low maintenance. It comes in a variety of colors and styles and the product has only gotten better over the years.

With that said it still is not invincible to the forces of nature and will still fade and get worn over time same as other siding, or you just get tired of the same color.

You might be asking yourself, can I paint my vinyl siding , and the answer is yes you can by following proper procedures.

#1. Surface Preparation. This is very important to clean the siding properly before starting to get rid of any grime, chalking and mildew, and have proper adhesion.

#2 Choose a High Quality Paint. Vinyl siding by nature of the product contracts and expands in the heat and the cold, so you need to use a high quality acrylic paint that will be able to move with the siding

#3 Choose the Correct Colors. Also vinyl siding tends to absorb heat and putting the wrong paint or to dark of a color on could have devastating results to your siding making it twist and distort. There are paints made specially for Vinyl siding that do not absorb heat as much and come in safe colors with guarantees. Talk to one of your local paint stores or painting contractor about these before proceeding

#4 Applying Paint. Two coats of paint is recommended to give you maximum flexibility and durability

By following procedures and choosing a quality paint there is no reason you need to look at same old color anymore just because you have Vinyl Siding, you can have a new color and a paint job that will last years!

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