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Tips For Creating an Accent Wall with Paint in St. Helens, OR

Tips For Creating an Accent Wall with Paint in St. Helens, OR

There is a certain pleasant sort of look that you can add to a room when you take one of the walls and turn it into an accent wall -- the kind of wall that draws the eye when you enter a room.

There are a number of ways that you can make up an accent wall, and though painting the wall is but one of them, it's also certainly one of the easier ones as you will be able to make the wall an accent wall just by painting it a color that contrasts with the other colors in the room.

It's good to have some kind of background knowledge when you're making your painted accent wall, and so we are going to prepare you to make the best sort of accent wall that you possibly can.

With that being the case, let's have a look at some tips for creating an accent wall with paint that will make you proud every time you enter the room.

1. Use Painter's Tape

It's going to be important for the purposes of making this an accent wall that the wall stands out in contrast from the other walls in the room and as a result, you are going to want to make sure that it does not get onto the other walls in the room -- the paint, that is.

The good thing about painter's tape is that it helps to separate the areas that you are painting from the areas that you are not painting and it's quite important that you make use of it properly or you are going to face issues later on with it.

For example, you need to know when you should remove the tape -- and if you wait too long to remove the tape, you will find that you take off paint as well as tape and that is never a good look for your wall.

2. Prepare The Wall

One of the best ways that you're going to find yourself with a successfully painted accent wall is if you make sure that you prepare the wall beforehand.

What this really entails is that you are going to have to properly clean the wall and then sand it gently, remove the sanding dust that you have made, and then apply a coat of primer so that your paint is going to adhere properly to the wall.

Doing all of this preparation may seem like a lot (and we did not even go into the ways that you will need to prevent messes from being made) but they ultimately make for better painted accent walls.

3. Test The Color

You can of course believe that the paint strips and paint chips that you see at the paint store are going to be the best way that you're going to know if paint will look good on your accent wall but likely this is not the case.

What you should do instead is to get a small sample of the paint and then to apply it to the accent wall in question -- and then you will be able to see how that color will look in a number of different lighting scenarios.

Once you have ascertained that the color looks right you will be able to get more of it to paint your accent wall.

4. Pick The Best Wall

For the purpose of painting an accent wall, it's not just enough that you use the right kind of color and paint, you also have to pick the right wall upon which you are going to be painting.

Not every wall in a room is going to work well for an accent wall -- you want the kind of wall that people are going to be able to focus on when they are in the room, which is really one of the main ideas of an accent wall.

5. Textures And Patterns

Lastly, remember that you are going to be making an accent wall which means that you are going to be working with not only the color of the wall but if you want, textures and patterns.

Textures can be added to the wall to really make it stand out, and patterns of course can be added but this will mean that you should make use of more than one color.

The thing that you should remember is that this is going to be your wall and that you want it to look its best no matter how you go about doing it.

If we can help in any way with your painting in St. Helens, OR and beyond, feel free to contact us at CHSPainting, we are always ready to help! Please contact us at CHS Painting. Office. 503-543-4875 Web. Related: How to help prevent exterior paint from fading5 Tips For Choosing The Right Interior Paint in Scappoose, OR


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