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More Bathroom Cabinet Painting Tricks To Learn In Scappoose, OR

More Bathroom Cabinet Painting Tricks To Learn In Scappoose, OR

We have in the past discussed how you can get your bathroom cabinets looking better, and the numerous tricks that you can use in painting them to get them from looking only okay to looking a lot nicer.

This is the sort of thing where when you realize that making a modification to the way that you paint the cabinets in your bathroom makes all the difference in how nice the cabinets look in the end and how soon it ultimately is before you are going to need to paint the cabinets again.

With all that being the case (make sure to read the first article first if you haven't -- 7 Tips For Bathroom Cabinet Painting in Scappoose, OR ) let's have a look at some more bathroom cabinet painting tricks to learn when you want a well painted bathroom.

1. Check Surfaces For Mildew And Mold

One fairly simple thing that's going to save you a lot of time, effort, and trouble ultimately is the act of making sure that you have checked all of the surfaces of your bathroom cabinets that are to be painted for mildew and mold.

Of all the things that you're going to be able to find on your bathroom cabinets and in fact the rest of the bathroom, the mildew and mold are amongst the worst of them.

This is because not only is mildew and mold bad for you from a health perspective, it makes for a much worse looking set of bathroom cabinets and you really want to rid the cabinets of them as well as the rest of the bathroom before you start.

2. Remove The Hardware

When you think of hardware you might think that we are referring to the cabinets themselves but this is not the case at all and instead is specifically referring to the pulls and handles that you use to open the doors and drawers on the cabinets.

The reason that you want to remove this sort of hardware when you are looking to paint your bathroom cabinets is that it will make the overall task of painting the cabinets significantly easier on account of the fact that you won't run into the hardware while you are applying the paint.

An additional benefit to this is that you are going to find that you will not risk the possibility of paint getting on the hardware, which generally speaking is a good thing -- it's not nice to have paint on your hardware unless you are very specifically intending on having painted hardware, which is quite rare as far as painting goes.

3. Drop Cloth Near The Cabinets

Speaking of getting paint in places where you don't want the paint, you should make sure that you are generous with your use of drop cloth or even tarp in the general vicinity of the paintwork that is to be done.

You can of course take your chances and make use of neither and hope that you can be a good and neat painter but the chances are very high while you are painting your cabinets that some spillage will occur and that you will want to be sure that you have something on your floor to protect it from that spilled paint.

It is remarkable how much easier it is to put down some tarp or drop cloth than it is to try to remove dried paint from the floor once it has set in -- in some cases, it's nearly impossible to truly get it all the way off the floor.

If we can help in any way, feel free to contact us at CHS Painting in Scappoose, OR -- , we are always ready to help!

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