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Tips & Ideas for Painting Kitchen Cabinets

SW 7008 Alabaster

Painted Cabinets in Sherwin Williams Alabaster White

If you're thinking your kitchen cabinets are a little outdated, or just looking to change things up, painting your cabinets is a popular option for a few reasons -

Cheaper than buying new cabinets

Can have a new look in a few days

Do not need to tear your whole kitchen apart

If you are deciding to go this route here are a few things that will really help!


While White has been the most popular color for a long time with good reason, a nice clean look, it seems that colors are coming back some

Different shades of Gray are becoming popular along with muted Blues and Greens

Even Whites have many different shades to look at

Think about the walls, counters and appliance colors while deciding on cabinets paint

What to paint

You do not always need to paint all cabinets the same, or even all the cabinets. Think a lighter color on uppers and a darker color on lower cabinets

Maybe just paint an Island Cabinet for a highlight of color

Set it all off

If budget allows and since you are going to have nice new cabinets, getting New counters at same time will be like a brand new kitchen and can add to overall color scheme

Also this is a good time to add some Knobs or Pulls to bring it all together

I hope this helps a little while thinks of painting your cabinets,and Good Luck on your project,

as always if we can help in any way please contact us at #CHS Painting,

CHS Painting

Office .503-543-4875


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