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Painting your Interior Walls! " What goes on before the paint "

Many home owners have painted plenty of walls in their time. But when the time comes that they want to hire a professional either because of time restraints, tall ceilings or just looking for a professional job - a lot of time they are not sure of what really happens before the painting even starts. Let me help you to see what goes into professional painting of walls in your home Before the paint ever goes on!

#1 First thing a good painter does is look over area they are painting, goes over all colors and the exact areas being painted with home owner.

#2 Move furniture out of the way, and cover.

#3 Meticulously mask all flooring, trim, doors, windows etc. If trim is not being painted then need to tape all the base to keep from getting any roller spray on it. Always better to take the time to mask correctly, instead of getting paint where you do not want it

#4 Start filling nail holes, cracks, dents etc. Walk around area and mark all imperfections then come back and fill.

#5 Wipe down walls as needed, if doing trim, wipe all trim down especially tops of doors, windows and base casing where the dust always settles.

#6 Come back after the Spackle is dry for wall repairs - then sand and texture as needed to blend repair so you can not see.

#7 If you are painting trim, then at this point we always re-caulk any cracked out caulking in the trim so it will look nice and new after painting.

#8 Take off all wall and switch plates, wall lamps, tape all screws to plates or lamps so they do not get lost and set aside to put back later.

#9. One last look at area that all is ready, get out brushes, rollers, tools as needed. lets paint

Finally, now we can start Painting.

If we can help in any way, feel free to contact us at CHS Painting, we are always ready to help!

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