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Accent Walls. Do's and Don'ts !

Accent walls are a great way to break up a large room, highlight an area or just add some color and get out of the ordinary.

Before you start here are a few things to think about:

#1 Which wall? pick a wall that high lights something.


Nice art,

Head of the bed,

Wall of windows

#2. Maybe you just want to bring color into the area, and bring out some of the other colors in your room, this works great also

#3 Pick a color. Think about your color choices and what you want to accomplish.

Warm Colors such as Red, Yellow, Orange tend to pull the wall towards the eye, so if you have a large room and you want to cozy it up, maybe paint the long wall to give the effect of bringing the wall in. Long narrow room, maybe paint one of the end walls to square up the room

Just the Opposite with cool colors such as Blues, Greens, Purple, these will give the effect of pushing the wall back and making room look bigger

Also you do not need to always make a bold statement, just a shade or two darker in same color can give some great effects

Think about what you are trying to accomplish, put some thoughts into which walls and colors then get out of the ordinary and do it, it's always fun to add color

As always if anything we can do at CHS Painting to help please let us know

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