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Should I paint behind the refrigerator and light switch plates

#1. Paint Behind Refrigerator.

You might be thinking "Do I really need to pull that out and paint behind it. No one will ever see!"

Yes you should take the time to pull out and paint behind, it does not take that much longer, probably needs to be cleaned behind it anyway, you never know what you might find and if you ever need to replace old refrigerator and size is not the same it will still look fine.

Anyway take the time, do it right, you will be Happy that you did.

#2 Take off Light switch and Plug plates before painting.

Again most people do not take off. This is normally where you really notice the difference between a novice or professional is when you see all the plates have paint on them. Before painting a room, take the time to pull off all plates. This will not only make it easier for you when painting as you can roll or brush up close, but will make whole appearance afterwords look much cleaner.

This is also the time to take all those plates and put in dishwasher, or sink and clean, then after wall is painted put back up. It will give you the professional look you want for just a few extra minutes of time.

I hope these few tips helped, and as always if any questions or anything that CHS Painting can do for you, please contact us.

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