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If you are getting ready to paint your home, here is a checklist of things to have done BEFORE you start painting

#1. Wash your home. You need to clean complete exterior of your home first. Use a suitable plant safe house wash and a mildicide solution if needed. Using a pressure washer first wet down side of home, pre soak with a cleaning solution, let sit a minute or two, then gently wash off, scrubbing as needed on bad spots. Be sure to clean complete, gutters, under eves, edges of siding. This is first step in having a clean surface to paint on with proper adhesion

#2. Check for any signs of rot on siding and trim and repair or replace at this time

#3. Pound back in any loose or popped nails you see at this time, add new ones if needed

#4. Look for any paint failure areas and take care of these areas, first determine the cause of failure, then scrape, sand and prime all bare wood areas

#5. Re caulk all windows, doors, trim and siding as needed, Be sure to cut out old cracked caulking first. Do a good job here and use proper caulking as needed per substrate

#6. Take down any lights, house numbers, signs. Now is a good time to clean or replace these to go along with your new house paint

#7. Start Masking. windows, doors, Brick or stone, anything you do not want to paint. Also pull all plants and bushes back away from home and cover

You are now ready to start painting. A good paint job always starts with proper prep, take your time, do it right and you will be able to enjoy your paint job for years to come

Good Luck on your project, and as always if we can answer any questions or be of any help please let us know here at CHS Painting

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