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Color Psychology for rooms in your home

When you are thinking of painting some of the rooms in your home, you may want to give it a second thought on what colors can do before final decision .Here are a few thoughts from different sources

#1. Living Rooms and foyer areas. Warm tones such as reds,yellows and earth tones such as brown and beige work well in these areas as these colors are thought to stimulate conversation

#2 Kitchen Areas. Reds, Blues , Yellows, Reds are common in restaurants as they have long been recognized for appetite stimulating powers

#3 Dining Rooms. Again Red because of its stimulating powers is a good choice here for conversation, raising the energy level and appetite

#4 Bedrooms Blue, Greens, lavenders are good choices because of their calming affects, red on the other hand might be a poor choice because of its stimulating effects.

#5 Bathrooms. Whites and other warm colors reflect cleanliness while blues, greens can add a more spa like affect

#6 Workout rooms Keep to the reds and Oranges as these will keep you more active

So when you are choosing colors for your rooms," Choose Wisely" knowing that colors do have an effect on your moods

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