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Selecting the correct paint sheen for your home

This is a question that is either asked right away, or home owner has not thought of. It is an important question as not only for the look that each person may like, but also for the overall durability of the paint

Example of sheens that CHS Painting used on this interior

Painting interior stairwell, with Flat paint on ceilings, Egg Shell on Walls, and Semi Gloss on doors and stair rails

CHS Painting in scappoose oregon


Most paints fall into four or five categories as follows

#1. Flat. is a low sheen with non-reflective finish. This touches up well, hides less than perfect walls and older siding defects. On interior painting it is a good choice for ceilings and low traffic areas

On Exterior painting it is a good choice for older siding with imperfections or for a person that does not care for a sheen

#2 Egg Shell, or Low Luster. This is next step up from flat with a softer sheen than satin. For interior walls this is a good choice for a harder finish to hold up to traffic and and washes well

On exteriors it is also a good choice for a little more wash ability and better UV protection than a flat

This is probably the sheen we are asked to use most often

#3 Satin. If you do not mind the sheen, this is a hard very washable sheen for high traffic areas on interiors, and can look very nice on newer sidings on exterior. This is a great choice for both interior and exterior trim

#4 Semi-Gloss. This is a higher gloss than satin and is a very durable finish. Good choice for exterior doors, and interior trim and cabinets

#5 Gloss. This is the hardest of the finishes and will produce a sleek glass like finish

With this said paints are getting better everyday with some of the good paints in flat offering very washable services and extended warranties that were not available just a few year back.

So be sure to talk with your Painting Contractor about the sheen , they can help point you in the right direction

If we can help assist you in any way, please let us know 503-543-4875

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