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7 Tips For Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets On A Budget in Scappoose, OR

7 Tips For Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets On A Budget in Scappoose, OR

In looking to improve your kitchen, you may well think about how much better the room would look if you stepped up the look of your kitchen cabinets -- but this doesn't necessarily mean that you're going to be replacing the cabinets.

Indeed, there are many downsides to replacing your kitchen cabinets - but this doesn't mean that painting your kitchen cabinets is going to necessarily be inexpensive -- it can be, however, done on a budget if you are careful and follow some basic advice.

With that being the case, let's look at seven tips for painting your kitchen cabinets on a budget in Scappoose, OR

1. User Better Quality Paint

One thing that you're going to want to do when you're looking to paint your kitchen cabinets is to make sure that you use better quality paint.

Of course, you are right in coming to realize that when you use higher quality paint, you are going to be paying more upfront, and that much is true -- but there's more to a budget of a kitchen cabinet painting job than just what it is going to cost upfront.

Indeed, you have to look at the project from the point of view of how much it's going to cost over the lifetime of the kitchen cabinets, as in how long it will be from the time you paint them and they need to be updated once again due to not looking their best.

By making use of better quality paint, your overall cost will be a bit lower because the painting project is going to last a lot longer by using this kind of paint.

2. Pulls From Budget Sources

Though it's entirely true that you're going to be able to replace the pulls, which is a nice way to change up the look of your kitchen cabinets, you don't necessarily have to purchase them new from a hardware store that specializes in cabinets and the like.

There are for example stores where you can buy things on a budget as they have been donated to the stores for the express purpose of being sold at a discount - the stores usually operate on a not for profit model.

Similarly, you might be able to get a good deal on pulls if you look at the right sort of antique store, though of course, certain pulls will cost quite a bit of money depending on how old they are!

3. Measure Before You Paint

If there's one thing that very well might cost you quite a bit of money when you're looking to paint your kitchen cabinets, it's the overall cost of the paint.

However, you only should purchase enough paint to make the actual painting project happen, which can be a bit confusing if you aren't sure about anything related to painting kitchen cabinets.

The best way you can make sure this will happen is by measuring your cabinets - this will give you an idea of how many square feet you have to paint, and as such you will be able to calculate how much paint you will need to paint the cabinets.

4. Use Primer Before You Paint

In terms of preparing to paint your cabinets, you may well think that just getting ready to paint them and then knowing what you are doing is going to be enough to ensure that your cabinets will be painted well and under a budget.

However, if you skip one of the most important steps -- applying a coat of primer -- it's entirely possible that you will be looking at painting the cabinets once again a lot sooner than if you make the time to apply the primer first.

This is because your primer when applied properly will help the paint to get on and stay on the surface being painted, meaning that the overall life of the painted cabinets is going to be quite a bit longer than if you skip the step.

5. Take Care When Painting

Another critical thing you should bear in mind when you're painting your kitchen cabinets and you want to keep down the price is to make sure that you take care during the painting process.

More specifically, you have to be careful while you are painting and not paint too quickly, but also while you are painting to take care of your brushstrokes and even how you prepare the surfaces to be painted.

6. Protect Surfaces Not Being Painted

Speaking of surfaces, did you know that the process of cleaning can be one of the most expensive parts of a painting project?

This is because people in many cases do not realize how much harder it is to clean paint off of surfaces than it is to try to protect surfaces from getting paint on them in the first place.

By getting some protective materials like tarps and drop cloths, you can avoid having messes and having to spend a lot of time and effort removing paint

7. Remove Doors And Drawers First

Lastly, you should remember that when you are painting your kitchen cabinets you need to first remove the doors and drawers that are attached to the cabinets.

By doing this, you will more easily paint the cabinets both in terms of the doors that have been removed as well as the cabinets themselves in as far as how much easier it will be to reach things in the cabinets with these doors and drawers removed.

If we can help in any way with your painting in St. Helens, OR and beyond, feel free to contact us at CHSPainting, we are always ready to help! Please contact us at CHS Painting. Office. 503-543-4875 Web.

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